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Vision:Achieving healthy and sustainable catchments in Makana.

Aim:Working together to improve care for the health of Makana's river catchments and their communities by:

  • Raising awareness through education of the vital relationship between catchments and community health.
  • Fostering strong civic engagement and leadership within Makana and neighbouring communities to support the KCC's vision.
Kowie Catchment Campaign Committee Structure:
  1. The KCC committee consists of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, representatives of Makana Local Municipality, and ordinary members.
  2. Working groups are formed to carry out particular activities. Additional members may be co-opted.
  3. The Committee must have a quorum of six for decision taking.
Kowie Catchment Campaign Strategy:
  1. The KCC is a community environmental initiative led by volunteers under the auspices of the Makana Environmental Forum.
  2. The KCC functions as a network of concerned individuals, groups and organisations who engage in various ways with the community and/or Local Municipality in caring for the health of the Kowie and other river catchments within Makana.
  3. The KCC promotes collaboration with Municipalities, groups and individuals.
  4. The KCC committee has an open and dynamic approach to membership, with a small core and additional members coming onboard for any period to share opinions and expertise.
  5. The KCC holds regular meetings to review progress and plan activities, and the minutes are circulated to the wider KCC network.
  6. The KCC provides information and support to the wider community and Makana Municipality through its website and through sharing of materials and expertise.
  7. The KCC reports regularly to the Makana Environmental Forum.
  8. The KCC reviews its efforts and celebrates successes at the end of each year.
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