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Working together for healthy and sustainable catchments


The Kowie Catchment Campaign is a community environmental initiative, under the auspices of the Makana Environmental Forum, Grahamstown, South Africa. Formed in 2003, the International Year of Freshwater, it is led by volunteers. The KCC is about caring for the health of our community and our local Kowie River / iQoyi catchment and streams, dry or flowing.

WHERE is the KCC?
Most KCC activities take place in Grahamstown, but there is a growing concern for the whole Kowie River catchment, all the way down to Port Alfred.

WHY should you care?
Many of Grahamstown's streams are unacceptably dirty or unsafe for our health due to human activities. What happens to streams in Grahamstown affects everyone all the way down the river to Port Alfred. We need to change some of our practices. A healthy community needs a healthy environment: your body consists of 70% water; all life depends on water. Find out how much of your body consists of water and how much water you need to drink per day here.
HOW can you help?
The KCC champions are individuals & groups who engage the community and Municipality in caring for the health of the Kowie catchment.
Contact the KCC and local experts for support. Educational and 'audit' materials are available for groups and individuals - to monitor the health of the environment, for teaching and learning.
We need to understand how our activities affect our environment and thus our health. Then we can make wiser choices, to care for the environment and thus for ourselves, and future generations.
Adopt a Stretch:
You and your group can adopt a stretch - dry or flowing - with support from the KCC. Monitor how human activities affect its health. Engage the Municipality and community in taking responsibility for a cleaner, healthier environment.
Clean up & Green up:
Every initiative and action helps to make a difference: stop toxic chemical spills, littering, dumping & invasive alien plants.1 Let's 'clean up' & 'green up' - for a healthy and sustainable future.
World Water Monitoring Day:
Every year, KCC champions and supporters check the health of local rivers and dams by taking part in World Water Monitoring Day - as part of an international effort.
The KCC is grateful to Pick 'n Pay and Makana Municipality for initial funds. Thanks also to African Geographic, Nedbank and Green Trust for the KCC's 2005 Unsung Heroes Award. Further funding for KCC activities is always appreciated.
Become part of the Solution!:
Civic engagement and action is vital for ensuring a healthy environment and a healthy and democratic community.
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